I'm following a low-calorie, low-sugar, healthy diet. I'm also edging towards a pescatarian diet with the addition of dairy products.

I'm planning to abstain from chicken, pork, and beef as much as I can.

In addition to this, I am engaging in intermittent fasting.

As for caloric intake, it must be <1500 calories for daily consumption. Ideally, it's in the <1000-1300 range.

My starting weight is 127 pounds. I am 5'2”.

My goal is to lose fat and accomplish a more toned physique.

So with this diet, I am also engaging in calisthenics and cardio such as surfing and swimming to accomplish my fitness goals.

Minor things to completely cut / minimize:

Processed sugar. Nothing manufactured. No candies, ice cream, chocolates, pudding, sweet beverages, or anything that you buy from a convenience store.

White carbs.

Processed meat.

Unhealthy cooked food (fry, too much sauce, etc)

Say hello to the following:

Alternative source of carbs. Say hello to oats, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, and especially bananas.

Clean cooking. No preservatives and excessive salt.

Eating patterns:

On a daily basis, I am following 20:4.

Final meal: 7 am

First meal: 3 am

I work at night to technically, dinner time is 7 am.