Day 13

I had the easiest 36-hour fast. Not sure if it was because I did some carb hoarding the day before, or my colds slowed my body down and I was asleep pretty much for the day and night.

Here's what I prepared today:

2 medium sized potatoes, boiled 2 bananas, boiled 1 chayote, stir-fried with onion and garlic much yum 4 small tomatoes with 1 salted egg ½ glass pineapple juice it just tasted too sweet so I didn't finish

I also snacked:

1 pc white bread 1 tbsp peanut butter 1 banana

Later, I'm having this for my finale:

1 instant milk drink 1 serving oats

I'll also be eating the remainder of my egg salad and 1 banana.

I became wary about consuming too few calories because it might slow down my metabolism. So, I planned to just eat until I'm full, make sure that what I eat is packed, and that I am exercising every day.