Day 11

In my last trip to Quezon, I pretty much forgot about my diet. I ate my packed lunches all over the clock, plus so many other things I “wasn't supposed” to eat:

8 pcs espasol so much yum, no regrets 5 pcs baby suman yummy... 1 wafrets 1 richeese 1 choco mucho 1 piattos 1 C2 bottled tea 1 San Miguel Apple ½ rice plus pork nilaga on the stop over

I felt like such an overfed pig (also consumed so many many carbs) that I decided to just fast today. Aiming for another 36 hours.

Plus, I got colds, maybe due to over fatigue or the weather. Or maybe the few cigarettes I smoked when things were just beyond stressful.

I've planned to quit again. I can't really smoke anymore because it gives me cough now.

I'm excited to meal prep later. Also, I'm gonna try cutting dairy from my diet. I'll go easy on the no-meat thing for now.

Currently sipping on some instant black coffee with no sugar or cream.