It's time to break the silence; I haven't posted in weeks!

Here's what basically happened over the holidays: I “forgot” about my diet, stopped counting calories, ate whatever was served in front of me, and went surfing after visiting mom before Christmas.

I gained a couple pounds from my last weigh in and I got a nice tan. Not really proud, but I don't think I reversed any of my progress. I believe that I'm still looking good, but I really got to watch my diet and exercise if I were to achieve something nice like an 18% body fat.

I'd kill for a bod like this I'd kill for a bod like this.

I am more determined than ever to get this thing on and really work hard for my six-pack abs this year.

So, here's what I'm currently doing and resolving to do:

Minimalist, uniform meal plans

I'm basically planning to eat the same thing over and over.

Here's a copy-paste from my actual Keep Notes plan:

***8 pm. wake up time.

• beans • egg • oatmilk

beans are causing bloat so i will just eat them at the beginning of the day (leftover from the morning) and for dinner, so i can also cook it better. i'll have an egg and oatmilk.

I'll try to minimize this and just eat milk and oats. If i go hungry, i can snack the rest of my breakfast in the pantry.

***snack. work.

• fruit / nuts / skip if possible

***packed lunch

• 2 eggs something (if i can make salad, better) • oats

***big dinner

• beans • fresh veggies from the market • milk • oats!

I used an actual application to count calories, and this variation currently counts 1440 calories.

Nutrition and Exercise Goals

My goal is to achieve a daily target of 1500-2000 calories (25% fat, 25% protein, 50% carbs) and pair this up with strength training (at the gym), walking home (5kms daily), home workouts (pilates), and maybe go swimming laps every week.

I intend to have a “cheat meal” every week or two weeks – I still have to figure this out, hopefully soon.

I have decided to put off intermittent fasting and stick to this simplistic plan. Also, yes, I'm basically trying to follow a mostly vegetarian diet with beans and oats as a staple.

How's Progress with this New Plan?

Well, I haven't strictly followed this yet.

Like yesterday, after my 5km walk, I just felt starved and wanted to eat with bare hands.

I purchased some cooked rice and fried fish. I seasoned this with cooking oil and soy sauce, downed with coffee, cream, and sugar, and followed up with instant oats in milk.

That day, I consumed 2500 calories.

And then I slept like a baby for like, 6 hours straight. I had a really, good time.

I have no problems exercising (I really love walking and using cable machines to lift weights! After my sleep, I happily stretch up and do some quick pilates) so the main killer here will be my diet. I gotta stop eating all that white carbs, processed food, and all that nasty.

It doesn't help that I am offered free, sweet sandwiches (like sweet biscuits and crackers) courtesy of our office pantry every day.

What I Look Forward To

I won't be expecting really quick results. I'm not looking for anything drastic, I'll just enjoy the process.

Like, waiting for my hair to grow again.

So now that I have the baseline for my meal plan, I will simply log insights and contemplation here, plus if there's anyting interesting that I ate for the day.