It was five years ago when I decided to drop weight and change how I looked.

I never had a flat tummy before. I always thought that my arms were flabby, and I was never comfortable wearing “sexy” clothes. I would be caught dead wearing a two-piece swimsuit. I didn't have the confidence.


I'm the fat girl on the right

Then I decided to change; my brother called me a “fatty” every single day.

No longer “fatso”

After months of rigorous dieting and working out – with a goal to have a ballerina's body – I became almost unrecognizable.

My weight eventually dropped to 110 pounds and I possessed a 24-inch waistline. I was skinny for the first time in my life. I was quite happy.

My skinniest version

Skinniest...so far

Sadly, I developed anorexia during this period. My relationship with food became unhealthy, and more than once I found myself trying to purge the tiny amount of food I just ate.

I recovered and gained back the weight (not so sadly). However, I also reverted to unhealthy eating and lifestyles that made me fat again. I started smoking, too.

Back to losing fat and looking better

Nowadays, my goal is just to “look good” again, while focusing on healthy, clean living.

I currently weigh 127 pounds with a 27-inch waistline and 36-inch hipline. Yes, I am 17 pounds in excess of my borderline underweight self, and for a small girl (5'2”) this means a lot.

I have decided to stop smoking.

In terms of physical activity, I am engaged in basic workouts to improve my surfing fitness. Everyday, after waking up, I do 30-40 pushups. I take 20-minute walks going to and from work. I go surfing at least every month.

When I can't go surfing, I plan to hit the pool at the gym.

In this blog, I will talk about what I ate for the day and how I survived.