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It's time to break the silence; I haven't posted in weeks!

Here's what basically happened over the holidays: I “forgot” about my diet, stopped counting calories, ate whatever was served in front of me, and went surfing after visiting mom before Christmas.

I gained a couple pounds from my last weigh in and I got a nice tan. Not really proud, but I don't think I reversed any of my progress. I believe that I'm still looking good, but I really got to watch my diet and exercise if I were to achieve something nice like an 18% body fat.

I'd kill for a bod like this I'd kill for a bod like this.

I am more determined than ever to get this thing on and really work hard for my six-pack abs this year.

So, here's what I'm currently doing and resolving to do:

Minimalist, uniform meal plans

I'm basically planning to eat the same thing over and over.

Here's a copy-paste from my actual Keep Notes plan:

***8 pm. wake up time.

• beans • egg • oatmilk

beans are causing bloat so i will just eat them at the beginning of the day (leftover from the morning) and for dinner, so i can also cook it better. i'll have an egg and oatmilk.

I'll try to minimize this and just eat milk and oats. If i go hungry, i can snack the rest of my breakfast in the pantry.

***snack. work.

• fruit / nuts / skip if possible

***packed lunch

• 2 eggs something (if i can make salad, better) • oats

***big dinner

• beans • fresh veggies from the market • milk • oats!

I used an actual application to count calories, and this variation currently counts 1440 calories.

Nutrition and Exercise Goals

My goal is to achieve a daily target of 1500-2000 calories (25% fat, 25% protein, 50% carbs) and pair this up with strength training (at the gym), walking home (5kms daily), home workouts (pilates), and maybe go swimming laps every week.

I intend to have a “cheat meal” every week or two weeks – I still have to figure this out, hopefully soon.

I have decided to put off intermittent fasting and stick to this simplistic plan. Also, yes, I'm basically trying to follow a mostly vegetarian diet with beans and oats as a staple.

How's Progress with this New Plan?

Well, I haven't strictly followed this yet.

Like yesterday, after my 5km walk, I just felt starved and wanted to eat with bare hands.

I purchased some cooked rice and fried fish. I seasoned this with cooking oil and soy sauce, downed with coffee, cream, and sugar, and followed up with instant oats in milk.

That day, I consumed 2500 calories.

And then I slept like a baby for like, 6 hours straight. I had a really, good time.

I have no problems exercising (I really love walking and using cable machines to lift weights! After my sleep, I happily stretch up and do some quick pilates) so the main killer here will be my diet. I gotta stop eating all that white carbs, processed food, and all that nasty.

It doesn't help that I am offered free, sweet sandwiches (like sweet biscuits and crackers) courtesy of our office pantry every day.

What I Look Forward To

I won't be expecting really quick results. I'm not looking for anything drastic, I'll just enjoy the process.

Like, waiting for my hair to grow again.

So now that I have the baseline for my meal plan, I will simply log insights and contemplation here, plus if there's anyting interesting that I ate for the day.


I came home to mum today. I made a resolution to stop IF and carefully distribute my meals throughout the day — but still eat less and stay clean.

3 pcs pancakes no added sugar ½ cup rice 2 egg potato omelettes 1 puto bumbong 1 serving lumpiang gulay 1 pc chocolate

My dinner-breakfast. ☺️ Prior to this, I had a packed lunch: 2 eggs cooked with canned tuna plus tomatoes and onion + sweet potato + banana + pineapple juice + cookies from Nona!

Been eating CLEAN for 2 weeks and I've lost 5 lbs!

PS. Ate a bowl of ramen for lunch, to reset my eating schedule.

CW: 122lbs


Day 15

I'm all the more motivated to continue and religiously follow my program.

I'm about to sweat on my exercise mat as I write this.

Decided to combine my 2 meals and go for a 24-hr fast.

Big meal

After eating all this, I'm not even bloated. But I feel really full.

Not pictured:

3 pcs chocolate 80 cals

In the picture:

¾ cup cooked mussels 1 cup sigarilyas 2 cloves garlic, 1 onion calamansi (seasoning) 1 large sweet potato 1 banana 1 large eggplant 2 eggs 1 orange


I am struggling to stop smoking again.

Earlier today I was sitting at a store and the lady next to me was eating some potato fries. I badly wanted them.

I thought, Maybe I could get some fries as an incentive for me to quit smoking.

I didn't. I decided to pick a chocolate bar. I didn't. It felt wrong.

I was at the entrance of a Chinese fasfood and I decided that I want to feast on noodles.

I still didn't.

I feel terribly lonely.

Now I'm at home, sipping my non-caloric tea and looking forward to sleeping.

I'm excited to meal prep later because I'm cooking shell food.

Packed lunch:

1 small canned tuna in indian curry 1 potato 1 tomato 1 chayote

I am now craving some chocolate cake, bless my soul.

I also snacked 1 pc white bread with peanut butter.

I have a serving of oats and orange waiting for me. Damn. I really wanna get that slice of cake in the pantry.

1 serving oats 1 glass of milk 1 orange

I had the easiest 36-hour fast. Not sure if it was because I did some carb hoarding the day before, or my colds slowed my body down and I was asleep pretty much for the day and night.

Here's what I prepared today:

2 medium sized potatoes, boiled 2 bananas, boiled 1 chayote, stir-fried with onion and garlic much yum 4 small tomatoes with 1 salted egg ½ glass pineapple juice it just tasted too sweet so I didn't finish

I also snacked:

1 pc white bread 1 tbsp peanut butter 1 banana

Later, I'm having this for my finale:

1 instant milk drink 1 serving oats

I'll also be eating the remainder of my egg salad and 1 banana.

I became wary about consuming too few calories because it might slow down my metabolism. So, I planned to just eat until I'm full, make sure that what I eat is packed, and that I am exercising every day.

In my last trip to Quezon, I pretty much forgot about my diet. I ate my packed lunches all over the clock, plus so many other things I “wasn't supposed” to eat:

8 pcs espasol so much yum, no regrets 5 pcs baby suman yummy... 1 wafrets 1 richeese 1 choco mucho 1 piattos 1 C2 bottled tea 1 San Miguel Apple ½ rice plus pork nilaga on the stop over

I felt like such an overfed pig (also consumed so many many carbs) that I decided to just fast today. Aiming for another 36 hours.

Plus, I got colds, maybe due to over fatigue or the weather. Or maybe the few cigarettes I smoked when things were just beyond stressful.

I've planned to quit again. I can't really smoke anymore because it gives me cough now.

I'm excited to meal prep later. Also, I'm gonna try cutting dairy from my diet. I'll go easy on the no-meat thing for now.

Currently sipping on some instant black coffee with no sugar or cream.


8 Reasons to go eggetarian

  1. Pigs are so cute. I just love how they wag their tails.
  2. Fish are friends, not food.
  3. Let chickens be.
  4. Eggs are a good source of protein. They're versatile and easy to cook too.
  5. Vegetable and fruits are so yummy and inexpensive.
  6. Salads are very easy to eat and prepare.
  7. I'm quite convinced that I am lactose intolerant. (I'm gonna have a glass of milk after writing this post so I can bloat and remind myself how bad it is for me)
  8. It's easier to go low-carb when you're following this restriction.